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1. Warranty 

 Any warranties given by Small Street E Scooters, are non-transferable. Third parties' warranties may or may not be transferable, depending in the third parties warranty Terms and Conditions 

 Any warranties issued by Small Street E Scooters will include: 

 -  1 month's warranty against defect if any electrical component EXCEPT battery pack faults 

 - 3 month’s warranty against defect if any mechanical component fails, EXCEPT ‘consumables’, which include, but are not limited to: brake pads, brake discs, tyres, inner tube, punctures. 

 Warranties are applied to the supply of any part/s required to complete any faults. It DOES NOT cover the labour costs, any VAT applied or shipment of any products needed to complete the repair. 


 Warranty labour costs will be charged at our current standard hourly charge less 20% 

 Any above warranties are subject to out ‘fair use’ policy and as such does not cover damage caused intentionally through negligent riding or by wilful destruction against any product 

 Any warranties issued will be assessed by an engineer at Small Street E Scooters, prior to any works being carried out. Upon assessment, we will decide if the repairs are due to ‘fair use’ or faulty components on the e-scooter and any work will be agreed with the customer. 

2. Fair use 

 Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes, roads, bridleways or any other public highways and byways. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that your e-scooter is operated by all country and local laws. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of electric scooter products and holds Small Street E Scooters free from any liability caused by their use. 

 Fair use policy related to the use of any e-scooter purchased from us. This includes, but is not restricted to  

 - use on private land with the owner's consent 

 - ‘safe riding’ within any lawful regulations set at the place and time if riding 

 - no ‘stunt’ riding, such as wheelies, endos, bunny-hops, doughnuts, jumps of any kind, or any other potentially dangerous / hazardous riding 

3. Privacy and personal data 

 All data held by Small Street E Scooters is held subject to data protection and gathering of personal information laws applicable to U.K. laws, as well as the privacy policies in place. These may be subject to change at any time, but are not governed by Small Street E Scooters, but more by U.K. law 

4. Loan of E-Scooter 

 We may at times, under our discretion, offer a ‘loan’ e-scooter to be used whilst any works or repairs are being carried out to your e-scooter. The e-scooter loaned will be of the owners' choice. It may be of a higher or lower specification of the e-scooter that is in for repair or works. A loan scooter is solely at the discretion of the owners of Small Street E Scooters and we are. ot legally obliged to supply such loan scooter. 

 Use of the loan scooter is subject to ‘fair use’, this includes riding legally, maintaining the loan e-scooter to a road worthy condition, returning the e-scooter in the same condition as supplied. Any faults found on the return of the e-scooter, will be subject to an on-the-spot charge at the cost of parts and labour in which repairs must be carried out to return the loan e-scooter to its pre-loan condition. This DOES NOT include consumables (brake pads, tyres, puncture repairs), but any damage caused to tyres as a result of constant riding on a flat tyre, will result in a charge to supply and replace a new tyre. 

 It is mandatory to check and rectify the tyre pressures of the loan scooter at least once every 7 days in order to help prevent damage to the loan e-scooter. 

5. Terms of Sale 

 1. All sales of e-scooters must conform to our terms of sale. Once you have agreed to your purchase of an e-scooter, or parts for your e-scooter, they must be paid for, either by way of a bank card or cash. Once purchased, you must adhere to our terms of sale 

 2. Our Products may vary slightly from their pictures. Images may be either of the actual product being sold, or of a generic ‘like’ product. Images are for illustrative purposes only. We may make minor changes to the product, subject to law changes, or regulatory requirements. These changes will not affect the use of your product. 

3. Ownership of your purchase is only complete once full balance of payment has been made to Small Street E Scooters. Until this time, Small Street E Scooters remain the legal owner of any product that has not been paid for in full, at the agreed purchase price. 

4. Purchase of any of our e-scooters is subject to the you (the ‘customer’) being satisfied that the e-scooter is as described and / or advertised. The customer has the opportunity to test ride the e-scooter on our private land (by consent) in order to assess the e-scooter PRIOR to purchase. 

5. Sale of any used e-scooter are ‘sold as seen’, unless a warranty is agreed or offered PRIOR to purchase. All used e-scooters sold have been subject to a pre-sale inspection and are tested on a 2-mile run. We cannot test battery capacity of used e-scooters and as such, are not covered by any warranty, except where expressly agreed and formally, in writing (usually written on our sales receipt). 

6. Test ride.  If for any reason you find faults after any test ride and subsequent purchase of you e-scooter, then we are NOT liable for any repairs / alterations, unless covered under our warranty, or the third parties cover warranty, or agreed PRIOR purchase of the e-scooter.  We will however offer a discounted repair to your purchased e-scooter for the duration of one month from the date of purchase 

7. Sale of any new e-scooters are sold via a third party and as such, any warranties are subject to the third parties’ warranties. These warranties can be found either in the owner's manual / warranty card, or the third parties' own website, but as a rule the third-parties warranty covers the cost of their replacement parts as the third party deems fit. It DOES NOT normally cover labour or shipping costs for any parts required to carry out the repair of the third-party e-scooter. Small Street E Scooters are not liable to adhere to any third-party warranty applied to the sold e-scooter, but we will endeavour to assist the customer where we are able to. This could be contacting the third-party supplier, or ordering parts. A third-party warranty is not the responsibility of Small Street E Scooters and we will not be liable to uphold such warranty. 

8. Legal rights We are under a legal duty to supply products that are of satisfactory quality and are in conformity with its description of sale. Nothing in these terms will affect your legal rights 

9. New parts supplied by us are done so through a third-party supplier and as such, are covered under the manufacturer's warranty, subject to the suppliers' terms and conditions which can be found on the suppliers' website. Small Street E Scooters are not liable to replace or repair any new parts, unless given strict authorisation by the third-party supplier. 

10. Used parts are check prior to sale to ensure correct functionality. Used parts are supplied by Small Street E Scooters and offer a 30-day warranty, subject to fair use. This warranty applies ONLY to parts installed by us. If the part/s are installed by the customer, or a customer's third party, then no warranty will stand. If any fault is found after purchase and not been installed on the e-scooter, then Small Street E Scooters will offer either a full refund, a replacement (if available) or a credit note against future purchases – this is solely at the discretion of Small Street E Scooters 

11. Commercial use of e-scooters is not allowed; this includes being loaned out to third parties. All e-scooters are sold for the sole intent of private usage only used under current applicable U.K.laws 

12. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any product at our discretion if we feel that any product is purchased with the intent of not being used as per local and national laws applicable to the area of sale 

13. Any given specifications / technical information are given from the manufacturers website and apply to new electric scooters. We cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information. These specifications / technical information details are for a guide only and should not be read as exact details. Specifications vary immensely from the manufacturers given information. This may be due to (but not limited to) (I) rider weight, (II) road test conditions / inclines / surfaces, (III) speed, (IV) gear selection. Used scooters will vary significantly from the manufacturers given information due to the factors given above, as well as factors such as (but not limited to) previous battery usage, mileage, previous owners' usage and battery charges.  

7. Repairs 

 Repairs are carried out with the express agreement between the customer and Small Street E Scooters. Any prices quoted are given as an estimated cost and are subject to deviation by third parties due to shipping costs, VAT or any other deviations outside the control of Small Street E Scooters. It may not always be possible to inform the customer prior to purchasing any parts necessary to complete any repairs, but we will endeavour to do so. 

 Our charges are per hour, or half hourly, where appropriate and will be clearly stated prior to carrying out any repairs. 

 If a diagnostic is required, we shall perform this at a cost of £25.00, payable before a diagnostic is performed. This charge will be refunded if any further work is to be carried out by Small Street E Scooters as a result of the said diagnostic 

  Any work carried out shall be to a satisfactory standard. If you feel that any such work does not meet these standards, please contact us at Small Street E Scooters, so as we may rectify the works carried out. The customer has the right to ask any other e-scooter repair company for a second opinion if any repairs are not carried out to their expected standard. We encourage this to ensure we provide the best possible service to our customers. 

 Modifications to any e-scooters carried out is purely at the owner's permission and consent. Small Street E Scooters are not liable for any defects, damages or accidents caused as a result of any modifications, UNLESS the fault is a direct cause of incorrect installation or modification carried out by Small Street E Scooters. 

 Payment must be made in full before the e-scooter is returned to the customer, unless expressly agreed prior to full payment being received. 

 All parts / repairs remain the sole property of Small Street E Scooters until full payment has been made for the completed works. 

 At times, where repairs have to be carried out, there may be other faults arising once the initial repair has been made, this is more likely where electrical parts have been replaced. This would be due to the original part being diagnosed and repaired, causing an unforeseen fault to materialise due to the initial repair. We endeavour to avoid this problem, but cannot be held liable if such a problem occurs as this is beyond our reasonable control. If this problem arises, the customer will be contacted immediately and informed of the situation. A solution will be offered, where possible and an agreement between Small Street E Scooters and the customer will be entered in to. If this problem is caused as a direct result of an improper repair, or an initial faulty part, then Small Street E Scooters will make good any such repair fault. 

8. Your obligations 

  Once full payment had been made for your product, the product the becomes your responsibility. 

 Any purchases from Small Street E Scooters are subject to ‘fair use’ by the customer 

 Small Street E Scooters must be informed immediately of any fault or warranty issue arising with the customers e-scooter or part. Failure to do so may render any warranty null and void. 

  Upon completion of all agreed works carried out to your scooter and upon notification of said completed works, you have 5 working days to collect your scooter. Failure to do so will result in a DAILY STORAGE CHARGE of £5 per scooter, per day. This will be payable upon collection of your scooter 

9. Complaints 

  We hope you find our service and your e-scooter to your satisfaction. If for any reason you feel that you have been treated unfairly, your e-scooter has not been repaired to your satisfaction, or that your purchase of your e-scooter has not been carried out in a truthful and professional manner, then in the first instance email and we can resolve any complaint raised. 

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